Hood Hero

In May of 2013 I found myself in a unique position at a Startup Weekend event, a 54-hour competition in which teams compete to build a minimum viable product (MVP) for ideas that were pitched and selected on the first evening of the event. The idea I pitched, Hood Hero, was selected as a finalist, so I twisted the arm of a sharp iOS developer and set off on a crazy weekend to validate, build, and pitch what had-- until then-- just been an idea floating in my head. 

Hood Hero's purpose is to provide real-time anonymous street level intelligence to law enforcement officers, and create a communication gateway between the source and the ground officers, without giving away the identity of the tipster. In less than 54-hours my technical partner and I built a working product (MVP), spoke to numerous law enforcement officers, validated the concept, and devised a pitch. We won a community award, and also gained the interest of three fellow entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Currently, we are pitching the idea to other interested parties, and looking for a test market or two.