While running 23rd & 5th, I caught the ‘Startup’ bug and sought to surround myself with like-minded individuals. It was during this time I attended my first Startup Weekend: a 54-hour competition to work with a team and create a minimum viable product (MVP) around ideas pitched the first night of the event. I partnered up with a few teams, one of which was NoteGlue; a cross between Evernote and old-fashioned highlighters and note taking. The concept was simple: create a platform allowing people to save notes and prioritize them while they read their favorite books. How often have you wished your notes were searchable or you could quickly call up something you wrote down months ago? The solution- NoteGlue. 

The following slides show the design & user experience (UX) work for the MVP we built that weekend. I was solely responsible for all of this work, being one of only two designers that attended the weekend. I was fortunate to work with a stellar team of entrepreneurs, students, and a couple of talented developers. 






Designer & UX