Reading Assist Institute

Before you can love to read, you have to learn to read. And before you can learn to read, you have to understand the mechanics of reading.

When we set out to design the next chapter for Reading Assist, we looked internally at influences in our own lives, and externally at those from the students of Reading Assist, the teachers, volunteers and broad community. What struck us, as a unique identifier was a passion for reading, and how the books we've read, have shaped our lives. 

In the spirit of the joy of reading we have designed the Reading Assist brand and website to echo these values. The structure of the site is derived from a the layout of a book, with hierarchy and content starting left, and reading right. The color schemes shift gradually from one great book to the next, such as "Pippi Longstocking" on the home page, to "The Adventure of Tom Sawyer" for the educators section. 

The visual identity of the website is further refined by careful consideration to how content is read, and consumed, across a variety of platforms and devices. We have made every attempt to design an experience that is as remarkable on your phones, as-is on a desktop.




Reading Assist Institute


Creative Director for UX, Visual & Copy